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With years of experience working with clients to improve their local rankings, we not only understand the power of ranking locally, but we also know how to do it best. We’ll not only get your listing to appear in the SERP, but will get you to own your space in the SERP. We, at Spark Visibility, understand that optimizing your site for local rankings translates to more website traffic, stronger brand power, and ultimately more conversions. Plus we do it at an affordable rate. 🙂


How Can We Improve Your Local SEO?

Google My Business

At Spark Visibility, we will verify your business, optimize your Google my Business Account for Local SEO, manage your listings, engage your customers and reviews, and establish your presence on the SERP.

Local Keyword Optimization

Ranking locally requires local keyword research and local customer targeting. We'll optimize your content site-wide so you can rank in your target location and bring in customers who are searching in your area.

Mobile Friendly

As more and more users are searching from their phone and even purchasing offsite locally shortly after, local optimization requires mobile compatibility. We'll perform a mobile audit and update your site to be mobile and local friendly.


Why Local SEO?

With each passing year the importance of SEO increases. With more consumers searching from their phone, specifically looking for local services near them, and an even higher number making their final purchases offline, local SEO can significantly increase traffic and leads to your site. If you want potential visitors to find your local business, you’e going to need to rank locally. At Spark Visibility, we help you target the right visitors by helping you rank locally in Search Engines. With the proper strategy, you can help potential local customers discover your business, stand out amongst your competition, and drive more customers towards your site. 

We can get you listed in the local map pack

Spark Visibility is focused on local businesses & franchises

Before we take on any local SEO project, we make sure our client understands the value by performing an in-depth analysis into a local business’s or franchise’s online presence and the areas where they could be improving their performance. During this process, we identify the key facets of the campaign that need to be planned out and executed to improve the business’s search visibility in local markets. This is done to ensure the right strategy is being put together to achieve local SEO success.


Optimize for Local & Voice Search

Be Found Locally

More and more buyers are turning to search engines when looking for goods and services around them. We make sure you’re connecting with them. We perform an analysis of how your audience is searching and create an in-depth plan of action to ensure that when they search for you in your markets, they are able to find you.

Optimize for Local & Voice Search

Be Found Locally

Google Maps is the de facto standard for planning a route. Many travelers and even local buyers rely on the online service to find goods and services around them. We ensure that travelers and local buyers are able to see your business on the map and that your business is prominent based on the products and/or services you’re offering. This ensures that as people plot their course, they can see your business on the way and make a stop. We also ensure you can be found on competing online map services like MapQuest and Bing.


We track and optimize your campaign for success

Success in local SEO can vary based on the types of markets your business targets and the audiences you’re intending to reach. We ensure that each part of your campaign is measured differently to give you an idea of the performance you can expect at a granular level and to show you how you’re stacking up to your potential. We help you understand where you’re getting your business, which efforts are producing the most leads organically, and what we are doing to improve your local SEO performance.

We track and optimize your campaign for success

When faced with a complex, rapidly changing set of conditions like local SEO, the soundest plan is to cover the basics. Certain elements of local SEO continue to be extremely important and are unlikely to change radically in the near or even distant future. These are elements of a local SEO campaign that are likely to produce qualified website traffic:


Strategy Is Key

Local SEO services have grown quite complex — and confusing — over the last few years. As a top local SEO company also immersed in Web design and enterprise SEO, we understand why local businesses are having such a difficult time determining the best course of action to take for local optimization.

Local SEO Elements Likely To Produce Qualified Web Traffic

Local SEO: Keeping Up with Rapidly Changing Best Practices


Market research indicates that today roughly 35% of all search traffic is local.

97% of consumers look online for local businesses when searching for a product or service via search engine.

Industry data estimates show that 18 % of local searches lead to a sale within just one day.

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Local SEO is focused on optimizing your site for a local audience. This includes optimizing page text for your local area, improving your google my business listing, making sure you appear on google maps, creating new content that is relevant to your local area, and ultimately helping your target audience find you. 

Local SEO requires a lot of work.  Local SEO Marketing experts spend their time optimizing GMB, improving your existing web content for local targeting, creating location specific pages and blogs, increasing the right external linking to your site, ensuring your site appears on maps and is mobile friendly, and a number of other ongoing activities to make sure you appear in local searches. Local SEO experts use a range of SEO tools to make sure their optimizations are data driven, are having a positive impact on your site, and increasing local traffic. 

Your position in the local SERP is far from stagnant. You are always competing for the top positions in Google with numerous others in the industry. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can boost you local SEO. Improving your GMB listing, optimizing your site for local keywords, making sure you appear on Google Maps, increasing the number and quality of positive reviews for your service, optimizing title tags for voice search, and taking advantage of business directories are just of the strategies local SEO experts use. 

Ranking for local keywords requires local focused SEO keyword research and local content optimization. It also requires an understanding of your local audience and creating content that is unique to that local area. Coupled with other local SEO strategies, you can begin to rank for your local keywords. 

Getting on Google Business Results requires verifying your business listing with Google, ensuring all your business info is accurate, managing your ratings and reviews, and making sure you business is relevant for your target local audience. 

Once your GMB listing is verified, you will need to manage reviews, update images, and continue to ensure all GMB info is accurate. Ranking higher will require you optimize your site for local SEO keywords and creating local content. Adding a google map to your site with accurate local info will help you rank higher for your local area. 

Local SEO is crucial if you have a physical location. According to a Forbes study, 95% of smartphone holders perform local searches, the large of majority of which go ahead and click on a local listing. 97% of consumers look online when searching for a product or service. More and more customers are looking for local services, and if you hope to find them, you need to be ranking locally. 

No one size fits all. Depending on your industry and brand, different local SEO companies may suit you better. We may be a little biased, but we think we do a pretty darn good job of local SEO ourselves. With years of experience helping small and large businesses rank locally in their given area, we have the expertise to help you not only appear in the SERP, but excel and be the best in your industry. We care about your business and want to see you succeed. 

A multichannel marketing strategy can enable you to connect with more leads, better engage your target audience, and can give you an even faster and better ROI. Learn about the other digital marketing services we offer, including Content Marketing, PPC & Social Media Marketing!

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