High-Quality Link-Building Services. We build real white hat backlinks.

Gone are the days when thousands of backlinks could surge your search results. Companies like Google and Microsoft now look for quality over quantity and even take action against websites that engage in less-than-stellar link-building practices. At Spark Visibility, we are only interested in working on high-quality link-building projects that provide our clients with links from reputable sources. We are a white hat link-building service that ethically sources links through building positive relationships with online publishers and resources.


Custom Link-Building Services

We craft strategies that result in high-quality links.


Asset Creation

We ensure the content of your website meets quality standards for those who might have an interest in linking to it.


Prospect Analysis

Our link-building experts identify high-quality online resources where a link would be beneficial to the link portfolio.



DMA builds a channel of communication with each prospect to understand how to build a mutually beneficial relationship.


Content Building

Some channels look for contributed content. Content experts craft creative articles for online publication.


Content Syndication

Our link-building managers ensure that content is properly published and tracks success and link retention.


Ongoing Analysis

Our link-building experts continue to monitor your link portfolio to build long-term links and fix broken links.


Link-Building Audit

Before we can begin building an exceptional link portfolio, it is imperative to understand the status of existing web assets and your current link portfolio. Our team performs a full audit and measures which assets can be used and what needs to be created for your campaign.

Our Content Earns Links

Each opportunity for an incoming link comes with its own caveats. Our content and asset creation experts work diligently to craft the right message for each channel. This ensures quality content is used on a partner’s website to link back to a quality resource of your own.

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seo audit

Link-Building Reports and Transparency

It’s important to us that our clients understand the efforts we put into building quality incoming links. Each of our reports is designed to give them a view of the progress our link-building experts have made in obtaining relevant incoming links from reputable websites. Each report gives a complete view of what has been achieved, and the required effort needed to reach the objectives set for the campaign. 


We provide in-depth reporting on all link-building efforts and results. We believe transparency is important in link building to ensure each client sees the long-term value of their campaign.

Link Building Explained

Google and other search engines score websites largely by analyzing the links they have pointing to them from other sites. Links from other domains are essentially “votes”, and the more links your website has, the more “trusted” it becomes.

Domain authority is accomplished through link building. The more links your domain has, the more authoritative (and trusted) it becomes.

Domain reputation is accomplished when the links pointing at your domain contain certain keywords. If you have links pointing at the domain that contain the word “blue widget”, you develop the reputation for the keyword “blue widget”, and the search engines award you higher rankings because people (websites) are using that keyword phrase to link to you.

Google’s algorithm is very sophisticated, and is very advanced at determining what looks natural (organic) and what does not. Be sure to consult with a verifiable SEO consultant who is current on the algorithm changes before doing any aggressive link building.

We have several different SEO service options that you can take advantage of as a one-stop solution for all your SEO implementation and link building needs. We have an entire team of analysts and link builders in place ready to get started, and many tools that systemize our methodology to make it a bullet-proof process to get you ranked.

These days, top rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing require a lot of sophisticated link building, and it can be extremely challenging to achieve results in your niche. We will engineer a custom backlink strategy that is specific for your niche and will appear natural and make it easy for you to outrank your competition.

Executing a proper SEO strategy with careful keyword selection, website optimization, and link building is often a very long and tedious process that requires a whole lot of time and resources.

The SEO link building methodology we execute has been tried and tested with many other domains, is proven to increase domain authority and achieve top rankings for highly competitive terms very quickly.

Our SEO Strategy satisfies Google’s recent algorithm changes referred to as “Panda” and “Penguin” – which has significantly changed the way web pages are scored and ranked in the search results.

Domain authority is a tricky and sophisticated metric that is often very difficult to improve. One of the biggest challenges website owners have is increasing the domain authority of their websites. Google and other search engines make it very difficult, requiring a variety of link sources from highly trusted domains before they assign any sort of trust to a website.

One of the biggest mistakes large SEO firms make is getting many of the same types of links. Google is very sophisticated, and can detect a linking strategy that does not appear natural. This often leads to penalties and significant delays in results.

Trusted Sources

Our entire methodology is built around acquiring high quality links from not just many websites,

but the “right” websites that will achieve maximum domain authority and trust for your website.

Here are the types of backlinks you can expect from Spark Visibility:

Blogging Sites

Video Submission Sites

Trusted Website Directories

Trusted News SItes

Web 2.0 Properties

High Page Rank Niche Sites

Article Directories

Relevant Forum Threads

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Media Platforms

A multichannel marketing strategy can enable you to connect with more leads, better engage your target audience, and can give you an even faster and better ROI. Learn about the other digital marketing services we offer, including Social Media Marketing, Brand Design, & Web Design!

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