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7 Link Building Tools for SEO Pros

7 Link Building Tools for SEO Pros

When building links, it is necessary to go for quality rather than quantity. A single backlink from a website with high DA is more valuable than ten backlinks from sites with low DA.

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By David

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If you are looking for the best link building tools used by SEO pros, we’ve got you covered.

According to Backlinko, a backlink is a top-ranking factor on Google – the world’s most used search engine.

Besides that, other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo utilize backlinks as a ranking factor for ranking websites on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you are wondering what backlink is all about, let’s answer the fundamental question – what is a backlink?

What Is A Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink from another website to your website. Alternatively, when such a link is clicked on, web visitors are redirected to your site.

Conversely, the main aim of link building is to create many links on other websites that link to your site.

However, when building links, it is necessary to go for quality rather than quantity. A single backlink from a website with high DA is more valuable than ten backlinks from sites with low DA.

Also, search engines penalize websites with a significant amount of bad, spammy, or irrelevant backlinks. Therefore, website owners must build quality backlinks to step up their SEO strategy.

Fortunately, SEO professionals and digital marketers utilize link building tools to build relevant and quality backlinks.

By making use of such tools, you can acquire and manage backlinks for your website.

Without further ado, let’s show you the best link building tools used by SEO Pros.

Top Link Building Tools

1. Ahrefs

This is a popular link building tool used by SEO experts. This tool is highly useful for increasing organic traffic and monitoring competitors’ activities.

With Ahrefs intuitive interface, you can quickly familiarize yourself with its myriad of features.

Conversely, Ahrefs incorporates an organic search report feature, which allows you to identify SEO keywords used by your competitors to gain organic traffic. In fact, you can view web pages with massive backlinks that drive high organic traffic to your competitors’ sites.

Additionally, Ahrefs comes with the Content Gap feature, which allows you to discover your competitors’ high ranking keywords on SERPs. This enables you to spy on their SEO ranking strategy to outrank them.

With its Keywords Explorer feature, you can get tons of keyword suggestions relevant for your website’s ranking on SERPs.

In the same vein, Ahrefs features a Content Explorer tool that allows you to monitor your web content performance. Also, its rank tracker tool enables you to track your website performance on both desktop and mobile devices.

Thankfully, Ahrefs incorporates a Backlink Checker, which provides you with relevant backlink data for your website. Also, your website can be indexed on Ahrefs backlink index – which is one of the largest in the world.

2. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a powerful link building tool used by over 60,000 SEO professionals across the world.

It incorporates myriads of features, which enables you to stay ahead of the competition with your SEO strategy.

Its Site Explorer tool allows you to track the best websites with high DA to build quality backlinks.

In the same vein, its Link Context tool allows you to detect quality backlinks in your web niche. Also, you can track every website’s top backlinks, including yours.

Nevertheless, Majestic SEO provides users with web browser plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, it features an industry-leading API, which facilitates custom integrations.

Conversely, Majestic SEO enables you to import and export data from tons of websites, either as Excel, CSV, TSV, or Google Sheets format.

3. CognitiveSEO

As its name implies, Cognitive SEO is an SEO tool focused on improving websites’ rankings on SERPs. With famous customers such as Amazon, Bitdefender, razorfish, and others, you can count on cognitiveSEO as a reliable link building tool.

As a website owner, you can use CognitiveSEO to monitor your site’s performance and organic traffic history. Also, you can get access to essential insights concerning your website performance.

Conversely, this link building tool features a unique OnPage Website Crawler Tool and SEO audit tool which crawl your website to detect issues that affect your website ranking on SERPs.

It comes with Backlink Analysis and Rank Tracking tools, which allows you to track and analyze backlinks to your site and your competitors’ sites.

Nevertheless, its Keyword and content optimization tool are useful for keyword research, ranking analysis, and content optimization.

Its SEO API allows you to integrate cognitiveSEO with your custom applications for robust link building capabilities.

Furthermore, its Rank Tracking enables you to keep track of your keyword performance on both desktop and mobile devices.

4. Linkody

Linkody is the perfect tool for link building and link tracking. With notable customers such as etoro, Sendinblue, Altima, jumbo, and others, you can count on Linkody for its myriad of features.

This practical tool allows you to analyze your website, discover your competitors’ link building strategies, manage your backlinks, and disavow dead and spammy backlinks.

Its seamless integration with Ahrefs and Google Analytics facilitates a robust link tracking functionality.

From Linkody’s intuitive dashboard, you can monitor your link building progress by using crucial metrics like DA, Spam Score, IP, social media shares, trust flow, etc. You also get a full report on the performance of your backlink anchor text and keywords.

Furthermore, Linkody incorporates a Google index status feature, which allows you to check whether your web pages have been indexed or not by Google.

Conversely, Linkody enables you to compare your website performance with your competitors’; plus, you can discover your competitors’ top backlinks and pages.

Also, you can export your reports in a CSV file format. Besides that, Linkody supports white label SEO report generation; therefore, agencies can brand SEO reports before sending it to their clients.

5. Moz Link Explorer

Moz is a powerful suite of SEO tools; however, it provides users with a link building tool known as Moz Link Explorer.

This useful tool allows you to check the backlink profile of any website for link building purposes.

Therefore, you can use this tool to uncover your competitors’ backlinks and find out where and how they get their backlinks. Also, you can monitor your website backlinks to see how they perform.

Hence, you can check for broken backlinks to your site, which can be disavowed to prevent negative SEO. Also, you can identify spammy links to your website to reduce your backlinks spam score.

On the other hand, you can identify top-performing pages or content on any website, whether your competitors or yours.

By implementing Moz Link Explorer, you can quickly achieve your SEO & business objectives without hiring an SEO professional.

6. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is another popular link building tool used by SEO experts. With more than 100,000 users worldwide, you can rely on Monitor Backlinks for monitoring backlinks and keywords.

Like other link building tools, Monitor Backlinks allows you to detect lost, broken, and spammy links for disavowing, thereby preventing negative SEO. Also, it will enable you to discover your competitors ranking keywords so you can reverse-engineer their strategies.

Conversely, it allows you to follow up on your website and target keywords performance on SERPs.

Thankfully, its intuitive user interface makes navigation easy for first-time users. Not to mention, it provides you with a reliable insight over your SEO progress so you can re-adjust your link building strategies.

Additionally, Monitor Backlinks enables you to interact appropriately with influencers in your niche. Also, you can import data and websites from other SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, Google Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO, etc.

7. BuzzStream

Unlike other link building tools, BuzzStream allows you to build relationships with bloggers and influencers relevant to your website niche.

Although Buzzstream is ideal for influencer outreach: however, it is useful for link building.

To build Backlinks, all you have to do is to enter your targeted keywords to search for prospective influencers. Then create a prospect list and send a mass email requesting a backlink to your website.

Conversely, its user-friendly interface provides you with reliable insights regarding your website performance and backlinks. Also, Buzzstream enables you to automatically discover influencers, contact info, profiles, and other essential metrics.

Besides that, BuzzStream provides users with a Google Chrome extension known as BuzzStream Buzzmarker. Also, BuzzStream supports custom integrations via the BuzzStream API.

Furthermore, you can keep track of your tweets and email conversations. Also, you can set reminders for influencer follow-ups.

Final Thoughts

Link building is an important SEO strategy for ranking websites.

However, it is a tedious process to source and monitor backlinks manually. Not to mention, the cost of hiring SEO experts is high at $200 per hour.

To achieve your link building goals, all you need is sheer determination and a perfect link building tool.

By applying any of the link building tools mentioned above, you can build backlinks without consulting an expert. Also, you can save costs associated with hiring and managing an SEO team.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not rely on link building alone for your SEO strategy. There are other SEO practices you can attempt as well to get more results.

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