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7 Exceptional Tools for working efficiently as a Social Media Marketing Expert

7 Social Media Tools for Marketing Experts

If you want to be a social media marketing expert, use one of the 7 exceptional tools that we’re going to discuss in this article to make your work more efficient.


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By David

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Social media marketing uses social media platforms to drive organic traffic to your brand.

If you want to be a social media marketing expert, use one of the 7 exceptional tools that we’re going to discuss in this article to make your work more efficient.

Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be used on a very large scale to capture maximum organic traffic.

A successful strategy will help your brand or website to grow naturally and efficiently.

How to make a strong and successful social media strategy?

So, first, you need a strong and successful marketing strategy to capture more audience from social media.

This can be done by following the described below steps:

Set your Goals:

Figure out the main purpose that you want out of social media and initially, try to increase your new brand awareness by generating new maximum new leads to get more sales.

Find out your Target Audience:

You can use different online tools to search for your perfect targeted audience.

Competitor’s Analysis:

You’d have complete knowledge of your competitor’s way of working, so find your competitors by some niche relevant keyword searches on Google.

Then analyze your competitor and try to make a more efficient strategy to grow your brand.

Create Unique Content:

Your brand’s or website’s content must be unique, effective, and more in quantity than that of your competitors.

Use of Social Media:

Use your suitable social media platform with the help of some influencers or by running your brand’s advertisement to increase organic and generate more sales.

To make your strategy strong and successful, you just need to use some exceptional tools to work efficiently as a social media marketing expert.

7 Exceptional Tools to work as a Social Media Marketing Expert

If you really want to make your platforms grow more efficiently on social media, use the mentioned below tools to increase organic traffic naturally.

1. Buffer

It is one of the most exceptional tools used for both mobile and website.

The online software supports almost every social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Buffer Social Media Platform

Buffer has unique and simple analytics features and it allows you to share your content across several accounts on social media just from one dashboard.


  • You can publish multiple posts
  • Shows complete Analytics and Insights
  • It provides the best profile management features
  • Allows social profile sharing
  • Buffer allows you to collaborate with your teammates
  • Support both Android and IOS
  • You can do customized post scheduling here
  • It is a multi-media sharing platform

2. Online Text Editor

The online text editor tool allows you to edit plain text written or copied in the editor.

This online tool is widely used to save time in posting content on multiple social media platforms.

If you want to edit the plain text without using the proper editors like MSWORD, then simply use this user-friendly online tool to edit text instantly.

Simply, open the tool in a new Tab and write in the text editor to edit the plain text. The tool comes with some quick and useful features as shown:

online text editor

How to edit the plain text using the editor?

You don’t need to install it just like the other word editing software. Simply your system or device has to be connected with an internet connection.

The UI of this amazing editing tool is quite easy and user friendly.

All you need to do is to write or paste the content directly into the online tool and start editing. The key features of this tool are:

  • Bolding the words
  • Inserting URL into the text
  • Numbering and Bullet listing Options
  • Inserting Date and Time in the plain text
  • File Preview and Print options
  • Finding and Replacing the Words
  • Adding Emoticons, Special Characters, and Tables into the text

Here, you also have the option to SAVE the file in PDF or DOC form.

3. Trello

It is one of the finest and successful list-making app and a subsidiary of Atlassian.

Trello offers some extraordinary features which will compete to change the way you’re working.


If you want to work efficiently as a social media marketing expert, simply use this online tool to collaborate, communicate, and manage your projects related to social media.

You can create a board for each project and can add cards related to a specific task, task’s progress, and its completion.

Some main key feature of Trello are mentioned below:

  • Overview of each card
  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • In-Line quick editing
  • Best Progress Meter Checker
  • Labeling Tags and Comments
  • File Attachment
  • Discussions
  • Individual or Group Task Progress
  • Mobile-Friendly and Easy Upload to the Local Devices

4. Social Clout

This tool is used to track the audience engagement and calculation of social media ROI.

And if you want to deeply analyze that which one of your posts gets the maximum reach and engagement, try this online tool to get the best results.

Clout Social

Social Clout shows that one of the demographics have the best audience reach and engagement.

It also analyzes which social media platforms have the ability to convert the best engagements into results and at what times.

5. Sprout Social

The tool is used to combine different social media tools into one platform.

 Sprout social manages social media scheduling, monitoring, and amazing reporting feature.

It is a paid tool but also available with a free trial of 30 days.

sprout social

The main aim of the tool is to help small growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and other enterprise corporations with different social media platforms.

The features of the tools are:

  • Smart Inbox to collect messages sent by the people
  • Tracking the complete details of what people are saying about your brand or company
  • Provide useful content publish and team collaboration features

6. HubSpot

It is one of the best complete marketing tool used to integrate your marketing efforts such as your social media, SEO of your website, and CRM into a single user platform.



  • Create forms to gather required information
  • Provides a conversational inbox for incoming emails and chats
  • Mobile optimized content creation
  • Create custom layouts to maintain records

The tool is widely used to compare results across marketing channels and to measure return on investment “ROI” on your social media platforms.

7. Canva

If you want to make your social media posts more attractive and impressive, use this extraordinary tool to create stunning images.

Canva provides different templates, fonts, and colors. Simply drag different image elements around the image and place them in their suitable positions.

It is free to use the tool and allows users to make:

  • Unique Social Media Graphics
  • Presentations
  • Attractive Posters
  • Different type of Visual Content


Its famous transparency tool facilitates you to brand your images and look them stunning and attractive.


If you want to drive traffic from social media to your brand, use one of the mentioned above 7 exceptional tools for working efficiently as a social media marketing expert.

A suitable and useful tool will help you to build a strong social media marketing strategy and drives organic traffic to your brand.

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