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Game of Links

When it comes to acquiring new links for your site, you don’t just want to acquire any links, you want to acquire the right links. And acquiring the right inks requires careful strategy, precise execution, and strong partnerships. After all only one can rank on top. 

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By David

Quick background. Link building is the process of getting other sites to hyperlink back to your own. By linking back to your site, you give users the opportunity to find your site when reading relevant material. But perhaps even more importantly, search engines use links to crawl the web, connect links between pages, and make sense of the information. 

In addition to making sense of the content behind the links, search engines look at the number of links pointing to that page and the quality of the site where those links originated from. The more high-quality sites linking back to your website, the more likely you are to rank well in search results. If you want your website to perform well, link building is an absolute must. 

Google is pretty smart though. Companies and agencies who tried submitting their sites to web directories to get links in return got penalized for “cheating”.Google’s Penguin updates ensure that marketers and SEO agencies still to recommended guidelines and don’t work around the system. After all there is no easy way to the top. 

Quality SEO link building requires cultivating relationships with partners in the industry. You need to invest time into outreach, you need to offer quality material to other websites, such as infographics, guest blog posts, or widgets and tools. Quality link building requires creating value that goes beyond the links themselves. Everyone is trying to get the strongest links, so a strong link building strategy is crucial. After all only, one site can rank on top. Here’s some of the tactics we use. 

“Quality link building requires creating value that goes beyond the links themselves.”

Guest Blogging

We mentioned earlier, that acquiring quality links requires you to offer value n return. A great tactic we often use is offering other sites a guest blog on their website. Google can penalize marketers who try to provide “cheap content” in return for links. However if you personalize content, offer quality work, and create unique and creative pieces, that guest post can go along way. The more in-depth and time you invest in your guest post, the better relationship you can create. You won’t only acquire a quietly link, you’ll acquire a quality partner.

We can’t emphasise enough how important the quality of your gust post is. Your guest blog needs to reflect a level of expertise in the field, quality writing, creativity, and uniqueness. If you want to see true results in your link building strategy, there aren’t any short cuts. Guest blogging requires research, time, partnerships, and really working to create amazing content on your topic of choice. 


Broken Link Building

Broken links are a dime a dozen. They’re almost everywhere across the web. And while they mostly go unnoticed by web owners and companies, if utilized properly, they can be turned around to provide high quality links. Broken link building is a strong strategy that works by helping others fix their sites and broken links and by providing them with a working and valuable link (aka to your site) for them to link to in return. 

In short, here’s what to do. Search the web for popular sites in your industry. Platforms, blogs, or resource hubs in your industry are even better. See if their sites have any broken links. If  you have a logical replacement link from your site that can be swapped for their broken link, reach out to the their web team, point out the broken links, and offer your newer and more optimal alternative. The dev team should happily replace the link for yours, and you now have a quality link pointing back to your site. As marketers, you can do this on numerous sites. Plus if you have the resources, you can even create new content when you don’t have a link fitting to replace theirs. This link building strategy really sets apart the boys from the men and can make all the difference in ranking at the top. 


Write About Them

Sometimes other websites get hesitant or scared when you ask them to change something on their website, even if it is for their benefit! That’s why you offer to include them in your own blog post (perhaps an an overview of the industry or a “Top 10”) and tell them you would like to link back to them. 

This link building strategy will get the attention of other sites who normally would never respond to link building outreach. This can be a great way of getting high-quality links and traffic to your website, because if you are offering something of real value to them, they are likely to link the article back to you. Of course this tactic is far from easy. It requires researching both potential suiters and content topics. You need to invest time in creating quality content and reaching out to relevant sites. But most importantly you need to invest in building a relationship with these sites and following up after the post has gone live. It’s no simple task, but like we said from the beginning there aren’t any shortcuts. 

“When it comes to acquiring new links for your site, you need to invest in guest blogging, broken link building, creating quality content on your own site and linking to others, and offering value in the greater web world.”

Wrapping Up

When it comes to acquiring new links for your site, you need to invest in guest blogging, broken link building, creating quality content on your own site and linking to others, and offering value in the greater web world. There aren’t any shortcuts and link building is no walk in the park. If it were, getting to the top wouldn’t be as valuable. With the  proper link building strategy and proper partnerships, you can acquire real valuable links, move ahead of your competition, and rank at the top of you industry. It’s merely a game of links. 

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