Case Study


Start Up: Credit Card Points Consultant

We worked with a small startup in 2018 that helps credit card owners track their credit card points and consults them on how they can best maximize their rewards. New to the market,  the company was looking for an SEO agency that could help them get found organically on the web. Their goal was to get their site into the conversation with other companies in the market, and to do so in the next 4 months. 

We presented them with a project plan that would not only get them in the market, but one that would ensure their growth long after the 4 months had passed. .

Our SEO strategy included internal and external backlinking, targeted keyword research and content optimization, and even re-vamping their meta data across the site. 

The company was amazed by the results in such a short amount of time. The company went from not ranking at all to ranking in the first page in Google for over 60 keywords. Traffic grew over 425% in the first 4 months, and they immediately extended their contract. With many other SEO agencies, the growth that this start-up experienced, would have taken a minimum of one year.  This start-up company has recommended us for SEO to many of their peers, and we can say in confidence that they invested in the right SEO agency. 

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